No on 128, 129, & 132

Stop the power grab.
Protect our freedom.

What’s at stake?

Propositions 128, 129, and 132 take away your right to decide what happens in Arizona. They allow politicians who don’t like the decisions we’ve made to rewrite the rules, so they can get what they want, instead of what Arizonans want.

We all want the freedom to make decisions that affect our lives. But giant corporations and the politicians they bankroll are pushing these amendments to trick us into giving away our own power.

Their amendments give politicians the power to rewrite laws that have already been passed by the people.

They end majority rule in Arizona so 41% of voters will be able to block support for affordable housing, nursing homes, and schools.

Don’t be fooled. Protect the will of the people and our right to determine our future.

Vote NO on Propositions 128, 129, and 132.

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